First ever Etsy order!

Today I got my first ever Etsy order for my shop PALINDROMES! For some reason I assumed it would take ages to get an order. I have read people’s stories online going months before they sell something. But after putting on my first proper listing on the 7 May, 10 days later something has sold!


It was a lovely set of cups and saucers that I bought in Battersea car boot sale. I almost didn’t buy them, but ran back and grabbed them at the last minute before we left. As we were leaving we saw Bob Geldof leaving at the same time, clutching some broken picture frames. Maybe Bob Geldof is my good luck charm? I hope not.

Also, what was he doing with broken picture frames? Some questions remain unanswered.

So tomorrow will see me trying to carefully wrap the set before sending it off on a long journey to Hong Kong! Hurrah!

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