New Ikea catalogue!

I am a massive ikea fan. I think it’s democratic, and it looks super awesome when deployed with an appropriate level of restraint (something which I do not always achieve). This is also true of Cos clothes, another Swedish obsession of mine.

A few days ago I was walking to work, and I saw THIS:

it's arrived!

it’s arrived!

Ikea catalogue day!! There was a guy with a trolley posting them through people’s doors and I excitedly asked him for one. He gave me a slightly odd look, but handed it over. Plan of reading it over lunch break was foiled by a ridiculously busy work day, so in the end I managed to read it that night.

And now for the fun bit: MY FAVOURITE PAGE.

ikea ramsjo kitchen

kitchens on the brain

I have kitchens on the brain. Not entirely sure why, as I currently don’t have a kitchen to decorate, but there we go. I love this kitchen – the dark floor and black cabinets in the background are awesome. I really like the combinations of the black cabinets with the light wood counter top, and the subway tiles. It doesn’t say it on the page, but this appears to be the RAMSJÖ kitchen. The website describes it as ‘black-brown’ but this looks pretty black to me. I am a big fan of matte black kitchen cabinets. I haven’t looked at these in person yet, so can’t really say anything about the texture or quality. I like the idea of the black ones on the base, and maybe some open shelving or white cabinets on the walls.

Another lovely kitchen is page 111 of the catalogue – tiny but very cool.

a tiny little kitchen

a tiny little kitchen

The black wall is super cool, and makes the white crockery on the shelves really stand out.

This is the RUBRIK kitchen. Realistically, the stainless steel would not be good for us – slightly gross but dog slobber does get everywhere and i suspect it would show up quite badly on this. Real life fail.

When house hunting yesterday we saw a super quirky very cool house which had a teeeny tiny kitchen, with windows on two sides overlooking a lovely green garden. Pictures like this make me realise that actually, a tiny kitchen could still be super functional.

It would be quite a change for us from this, our current kitchen!

our current kitchen


So there are my two favourite pages from the Ikea catalogue – both kitchens.

Anyone else an ikea obsessive?!

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One response to “New Ikea catalogue!

  1. just got my Ikea catalog in the mail today; it makes me dizzy to look through it, so much going on, and I don’t want to miss anything. We live near enough to the Dallas Ikea to visit occasionally and come home with something we surely needed

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