House tour Part 1

We finally exchanged contracts on our house! I didn’t dare celebrate until it was finalised, and a part of me won’t relax until we have the keys in our hand, but we’re so very close now!

To mark the day, I thought I’d do a house tour, so here is part 1: downstairs.


Living and dining room
Originally, Victorian houses would have had separate living and dining rooms, but have commonly been opened up for a more modern feel. Ours has been knocked through, and I do prefer that. It’s one of the only things we won’t have to do ourselves! Check out that electric fireplace – that’s going to be one of the first things to go!





To do:
– remove laminate floors and refinish floorboards underneath
– remove electric fireplace
– repaint!! (Walls, ceilings and skirting)
– install reclaimed fireplaces on both chimney breasts
– install picture rails
– replace lights
– restore cornicing and ceiling roses
– replace horrible UPVC windows with wooden framed sash windows
– install french doors where the dining room window currently is
– replace radiators
– widen entrance into dining room (?)





To do:
– remove boiler and put upstairs
– close up back door
– replace/refinish floors
– restore bay window
– install new kitchen / appliances
– open up back wall and install bifold doors
– replace ceilings
– replace lighting
– paint

This list is only short because I’m too lazy/overwhelmed to write out every step!






To do:
– remove carpet
– sand and refinish floors
– paint
– figure out lighting
– replace doors
– strip stair railings
– repaint/stain stairs

So that’s the downstairs and hallways. Soon I’ll post upstairs, and shortly it will be time to move! (FINGERS CROSSED)

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