Front door fever

Things are trucking on in the house, including a lot of non-aesthetically pleasing jobs taking place (clearing the huge pile of rubble out of our front garden and dismantling our death trap decking for example) which don’t seen quite exciting enough to blog about.

The one thing these jobs have done though is made me start to think about something I’ve heard Americans call ‘curb appeal’ and I would describe as ‘not pissing off the neighbours': making the front of the house look nice.

So, a quick roundup of my favourite front doors around south east London.

20140607-145054-53454476.jpgLook at this house! Cool, modern, but still true to its Victorian era. Three things caught my eye when I saw this door: 1) the colour, 2) the fact that they have exactly the same path as our house and 3) the bronze hardware. We coincidentally ended up meeting the  gentleman who lives in this house a few days after I took this picture, and he kindly informed me that the paint colour is Farrow and Ball Downpipe. Classic. Also Рlook at that little pot of tulips! I love that!


I love the Regency style of this front door, and the way the gate mirrors the arches in the panes. Not to mention the fact that this just looks like a glorious house, full stop. This is one of my regular ‘stare covetously and daydream’ houses.

peach victorian front door

Peach would never be the first thing that sprang to mind for me when painting a front door, but I absolutely LOVE this house. Well played, peach house. The roses are just perfect too, and I can only imagine how spectacular it will look when they have grown up all around that trellis.

tan victorian front door

Another colour I would never pick myself, but I think looks really lovely on this house, especially next to those gorgeous roses. Can you tell I kind of have a thing for roses?

dark victorian front door south east london

And finally, a purple so dark it almost looks black. I love the gloss and (again) the pairing with the pale pink roses. I think that this house shows that you don’t need that classic victorian tiled path to still have tons and tons of character. So jealous of those roses.

So, that’s my quick tour of the (mostly rose-adorned) front doors of south east london. I think my favourite for individuality is the peach, but ultimately the regency style wins me over. Now to decide the colour of my own front door…

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2 responses to “Front door fever

  1. What is it about a door that draws us in, so? And why do we hate the hum drum white door? Beats me, I just know painted doors are important! Nice pics, thanks for sharing and if you get into any of these places, post that too!!

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